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NEW: TrimCaps - fat becomes energy

With the success of Trimgel, a new product was introduced: the Trimcaps, made in capsules, acting by transforming fat into energy, and that is now available in Portugal through Lapathus. Trimcaps are based on Undaria pinnatifida plant, also known as Wakame, that transforms fat into energy.

According to Kazuo Miyashita, Professor of the Faculty of Fish Science of the Hokkaido University in Japan, Wakame “is the best fat metaboliser available”. Professor Miyashita discovered that this plant stimulates a protein that in turn converts fat into energy, it metabolises it. This protein is found right in those places where excess fat is located.

Research demonstrated that the protein UCP-1 reduced the fat percentage in the body by no less than 10% within three weeks. The discovery of the effect of Wakame in combination with other algae, tea extracts and ingredients containing caffeine, resulted in a synergy, which is a mutual reinforcement of their respective properties.

TrimCaps TrimCaps TrimCaps TrimCaps
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