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The Chilean Snail's slime, naturally contains, 4 constituents that help regenerating the skin tissue:

Allantoin, the constituent that allows the regeneration of the skin tissues.

Collagen & Elastine the constituents that allow improving the skin's elasticity, that is lost through the years.

Glycolic Acid (1.6%) the constituent that creates the skin peeling effect.

Helix Aspersa Muller

It is recommended to apply the Snail Cream Elicina, twice a day (am / pm).

The area must be cleaned prior to applying the Cream. Rub with a small quantity of cream until absorbed.

As the cream is quickly absorbed, make-up can be applied after the cream's application.

Applying it daily will restore the natural color of the skin of any type of person, including africans, asians and caucasians.
ELICINA®, was designed to be as natural as possible. It's composition is of 80% of snail extract and 20% of excipients.
Can be used in any skin and at any age.

Doesn't contain moisturizer, thus we recommend that persons with dry skin should apply a moisturizer cream of their choice, after applying ELICINA®, to prevent excessive drying or peeling caused by the peeling action of the extract. Nevertheless, persons with mixt or greasy skin do not need a moisturizer.

If you have acne on the face, it is recommended to apply the cream all over the face, and not only in the affected area.

If you apply on the hands against marks, remember to apply again each time you wash them.

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